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Prototype Git backend for openSUSE BuildService


I’m happy to announce that this year I’ll be mentoring GSoC project which will attempt to create an alternative source backend using git. Student implementing the idea is Peter Libič. I have created an openSUSE wiki page with the copy of the proposal and some useful links. Some of my colleagues (like Andreas Gruenbacher and Brandon Philips) are also interested in topic and already provided a valuable feedback. If you’d like to get involved, feel free to contact me, edit the project wiki page or join us on IRC channel

Pencil project - Sketching and Prototyping with Firefox


A few years ago, me and four of my friends were doing an university project, which was basically a web portal. While designing our application we needed a tool for creating mock-ups and screen prototypes. There are a lot of options like Wireframe Sketcher, Cleverlance Petra, but finally we ended up with Axure RP. Now I’m not sure why, but at least we had the motivation to finish the prototype early (trial period was only 30 days :D).

Today, I was again looking for the alternatives and found - Pencil. No, I don’t mean the office aid, but the Pencil Project. It lacks some important features like creating hyper-links between the components and thus exporting to HTML pages, but these are planned and I can say that I really like this tool. And not to forget - it is open source! You can install it as a Firefox extension or download it as a standalone application. Unfortunately upstream tarball contains the whole XULRunner, so I decided to create a package for openSUSE. It is available from our Contrib repository and is only 330kB large! (Big thanks goes to Wolfgang Rosenauer for helping me to tame XULRunner.)

Pencil right now supports common shapes like rectangles or bitmaps, annotations, GTK widgets and Windows XP widgets. The widgets (or rather stencils) are simple SVG files, so if we help Duong Thanh An, the author, we might see Qt, iPhone or Yahoo stencils as a part of the Pencil in the future! Wouldn’t that be sweet? :)

Update: I just found Graffletopia - with hundreds of stencils (or so-called graffles) for Mac OS X tool OmniGraffle and some of them are really great. How about a converter ? :)

LinuxExpo 2009

On Wednesday I attended the biggest Linux event in the Czech Republic called LinuxExpo (more particularly its first day). I also took some photos for your viewing pleasure :) Comments for each photo are under the enlarged versions shown after clicking on the thumbnails.


le09_dsc_0092 le09_dsc_0126 le09_dsc_0128 le09_dsc_0120 le09_dsc_0094 le09_dsc_0091 le09_dsc_0143 le09_dsc_0110 le09_dsc_0089 le09_dsc_0090


le09_dsc_0119 le09_dsc_0096 le09_dsc_0100 le09_dsc_0104 le09_dsc_0125


le09_dsc_0140 le09_dsc_0130 le09_dsc_0135 le09_dsc_0136 le09_dsc_0137 le09_dsc_0138


le09_dsc_0148 le09_dsc_0147 le09_dsc_0146 le09_dsc_0145

Update: Bubli has written a commentary about the day 2.

The Ugly Duckling called $XDG_CONFIG_HOME

Let’s take a look into my home directory:

[stick@spectra 0 ~] ls -F
Applications/  Documents/  google.txt    reverse-ssh*
Desktop/       Downloads/  public_html/  work/

[stick@spectra 0 ~] ls -AF
.0verkill             google.txt              public_html/
.adobe/               .grails/                .pulse/
.android/             .gstreamer-0.10/        .pulse-cookie
Applications/         .gtk-bookmarks          .pyhistory
.AtomicWorm/          .gtkrc-2.0-kde4         .qt/
.bash_history         .gvfs/                  .rawstudio/
.bashrc               .hplip/                 .recently-used
.bouml                .htoprc                 .recently-used.xbel
.boumlrc              .hugin                  .repoconfig/
.bzr.log              .icedteaplugin/         reverse-ssh*
.cache/               .inkscape/              .rnd
.cddb/                .inputrc                .rpmpatch_macros
.cedega/              .IntelliJIdea80/        .rpmpatch_rpmrc
.civclientrc          .IntelliJIdea8x/        .scummvmrc
.civserver_history    .irssi/                 .signature-gk2
.config/              .java/                  .signature-gmail
.crack-attack/        .JxBrowser/             .signature-suse
.cxgames/             .kde/                   .skel/
.darkplaces/          .kde4/                  .Skype/
.dbus/                .kderc                  .smc/
.designer/            .kinorc                 .springrc
Desktop/              .ktorrent.lock          .sqlite_history
.directory            .lbrc.conf              .ssh/
.dmrc                 .lesshst                .strigi/
Documents/            .links/                 .subversion/
Downloads/            .liquidwarrc            .teeworlds/
.dvdcss/              .local/                 .thumbnails/
.eclipse/             .loki/                  .thunderbird/
.emacs                .macromedia/            .ufrawrc
.esd_auth             .mc/                    .ultramixer/
.fbhighlevelshistory  .mcop/                  .vendetta/
.fbhighscores         .miro/                  .viminfo
.fblevels/            .mixxxbpmscheme.xml     .vimrc
.fbrc                 .mixxx.cfg              .VirtualBox/
.fontconfig/          .mixxxmacros/           .vlc/
.fonts/               .MixxxMIDIBindings.xml  .vnc/
.fonts.conf           .mixxxtrack.xml         .w3m/
.gajim/               .mozilla/               .Wammu
.gconf/               .mplayer/               .wapi/
.gconfd/              .mysql_history          .windows-label
.gegl-0.0/            .mysticmine             .wine/
.gem/                 .netxrc                 .winetrickscache/
.gimp-2.6/            .nexuiz/                work/
.gitconfig            .ooo3/                  .Xauthority
.gnome/               .opera/                 .xim.template
.gnome2/              .osc_cookiejar          .xine/
.gnome2_private/      .oscrc                  .xsession-errors
.gnupg/               .profile                .y2usersettings
.google/              .psi/
.googleearth/         .psql_history

Out of 148 entries in my $HOME, there are only 12 of them I really want to see! How much nicer would it be, if it looked like this:

[stick@spectra 0 ~] ls -AF
Applications/  Documents/  public_html/    .signature-gmail
.config/       Downloads/  reverse-ssh*    .signature-suse
Desktop/       google.txt  .signature-gk2  work/

This is very simple to achieve, if only applications followed the XDG Base Directory Specification. Unfortunately, lots of them don’t. When you start using the following piece of code in your new awesome applications:

config = getenv("XDG_CONFIG_HOME")
if (!config) config = getenv("HOME") + "/.config"
config = config + "/my_awesome_app"

instead of the old-school one:

config = getenv("HOME") + "/.my_awesome_app"

users will gain two great advantages with nearly no extra effort:

  • trying application without overwriting the existing configuration XDG_CONFIG_HOME=/tmp/ my_awesome_app
  • maintaining multiple configurations of the same application XDG_CONFIG_HOME=~/.config/awesome3 my_awesome_app

So, please, don’t ignore the ugly duckling called $XDG_CONFIG_HOME, I’m sure it will mature into a beautiful swan. :)

Image with rounded corners (using CSS3)

W3C added nice new options for creating rounded corners of elements to their CSS3 working draft. Engines like Gecko, KHTML and WebKit already implemented these functions, but they use vendor prefixes in the keywords (-moz-border-radius, -khtml-border-radius and -webkit-border-radius respectively), because the feature is not yet fully standardized. That’s also the reason why Opera and Internet Explorer decided not to implement this extension for now.

I was playing with the rounded corners and I like this feature a lot, but I also hit one problem (in all 3 engines). When you use the border-radius with an img element, the image is drawn above the border, so it isn’t rounded (top example). Fortunately, the effect could be easily achieved by rounded div, setting its dimensions exactly to the image size and using the image as the div’s background (bottom example).


<img style="border: 2px solid black;
            border-radius: 30px;
            -moz-border-radius: 30px;
            -khtml-border-radius: 30px;
            -webkit-border-radius: 30px;"
            src="presov.jpg" />


<div style="border: 2px solid black;
            border-radius: 30px;
            -moz-border-radius: 30px;
            -khtml-border-radius: 30px;
            -webkit-border-radius: 30px;
            width: 180px;
            height: 240px;
            background: url('presov.jpg');" />

Update#1: I reported the issue to Gecko, KHTML and WebKit bugzillas.

Update#2: Dave Hyatt closed the WebKit bug with the comment: “This was fixed recently.” \o/