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GNOME-Shell Extension: YaST (item in) Status Menu

This is just a short follow-up to my older blogpost Adding YaST menuitem to GNOME 3 status menu. Few minutes ago Andy asked me if I could create a proper gnome-shell extension so I went ahead and did it. :-)

I’ve set a git repo on Gitorious and also built the package in my home:prusnak project. If there will be interest from our GNOME Team, I will create a submit request to some GNOME devel project and Factory as well.

If you don’t know this yet, you have to install the gnome-shell-extension-yast-status-menu and then either logout and login or press Alt+F2 and type “r” (which will restart gnome-shell).

Enjoy! :-)


Bash PS1 tricks

Many of you know already about this feature, but some of you don’t so I wanted to share it with you. I just changed mine PS1 configuration in ~/.bashrc to look like this:

export PS1='\[\033[1;37m\][\[\033[1;32m\]\u\[\033[0m\]@\h\[\033[0m\] $? \[\033[1;34m\]\w\[\033[0;35m\]$(__git_ps1 " %s")\[\033[1;37m\]]\[\033[0m\] '

Take a look at the following picture to see how it works:


or check the video on youtube.

The number between user@host and the current working directory is the exit status of the most recently executed command (or pipeline). This is great because you don’t have to type echo $? everytime you want to find it out. The __git_ps1 magic will print git branch name if you are inside of the git repository. Furthermore it will add special characters indicating the state of the repo: % - untracked files present, + - new files added, * - some tracked files changed, $ - there is something in the stash (see git stash --help). Pretty cool, right?

openSUSE Spacebus

Yesterday we were replacing old chairs in our Prague SUSE office with the brand new ones. We got a wicked idea to stack the older ones into the Boosters’ Office and have a virtual bus ride for a few minutes. Our colleague Michal Kubecek and his camera were ready as usual so he quickly took a photo of us enjoying the ride:


Later I had some time to practice my 1337 GIMP skillz and created a motivational poster for your viewing pleasure. After Geeko Bus and Geeko Tram I give you without further ado the “openSUSE Spacebus!”:


Credits: bus photo CC BY-NC by yewenyi, space photo CC-BY by Sweetie187, spacebus photo CC BY-NC by me

Adding YaST menuitem to GNOME 3 status menu

This blogpost is now obsolete.

Please go to GNOME-Shell Extension: YaST (item in) Status Menu.

I read a blogpost from Nelson Marques about adding YaST modules icon to GNOME Shell. I kind of liked the idea of YaST integration into GNOME Shell, but I had to share Julian Aloofi’s worries in comments. He came up with a simple idea to just add the YaST menuitem to status menu in the top-right corner. This was very easy to implement because most of the GNOME Shell features are written in Javascript. I created the following simple hack and ended up with this:


If you want to add the YaST menuitem as well, just follow these simple steps (as root):

cd /
patch -p1 < gnome3-statusmenu-yast.patch
rm gnome3-statusmenu-yast.patch

Now you have to restart GNOME Shell (press Alt+F2 and enter “r” command) and you can enjoy the new menu item. :-) Remember, the changes will be lost next time you reinstall the gnome-shell package.

I already contacted Frederic and Vincent about the patch and they are still looking for the best way how to integrate YaST with the rest of the system, so stay tuned. :-)

PS: Andy found an interesting bug. For him, the item was added but clicking on it did nothing. Solution was found by Frederic - just install the missing gnome-menus-branding-openSUSE package.

openSUSE 11.4 Release Party - Prague

Last Friday we held an openSUSE 11.4 Release Party in Prague, more particularly in the first Czech hackerspace called brmlab. We decided to go with later date and not doing the party immediately after the release, so we could have promo materials available. This included openSUSE posters, DVD media, T-shirts but also openSUSE beer! Thanks Michal and Klaas for delivering them to Prague. In the beginning we had 100 promo DVDs and we ended with slightly more than 10, so I think the event was a huge success!


We planned to start the event with a talk from Martin about changes in YaST and WebYaST and his plans to reincarnate the “classic” YaST using Ruby, but Martin got ill, so we had to improvise. Fortunately, we had a lot of new faces in the audience, so I could reuse my presentation from the last release party called openSUSE from A to Z. Most of the things mentioned there are still valid now anyway. :-)


Next on program was a talk from Kendy about LibreOffice. He explained the reasons for forking, some new features available in version 3.3, but also ways how one can contribute to the project. For example, there is a list of easy hacks which includes things like translating German source comments into English or removing unused code. More advanced programmers can participate in Google Summer of Code by solving one of the ideas (btw, this also applies for openSUSE: ideas to grab are here).


The official part continued with my talk about changes in openSUSE. I talked about our desktop environments shipping with the latest 11.4 release (KDE, GNOME, Xfce and LXDE), about applications like Firefox and other browsers or LibreOffice. I also mentioned changes under the hood like Linux kernel, Xorg + Mesa or systemd. At the end I mentioned other changes in the project like Tumbleweed initiative, split of Packman repositories, SUSE Studio and virtualization in general and our web infrastructure: more precisely Build Service and Connect.


The last talk was given by Miro. He is an editor-in-chief of the Czech Linux magazine called LinuxExpres. While doing interviews in our offices a week ago, we asked him if he’d be willing to do a talk at our release party about Xfce 4.8 which is available in 11.4. To our delight he agreed, although he uses Xfce in Debian, but he wanted to see how 4.8 looks like. In fact, openSUSE is the first major distro to have Xfce 4.8 in its stable release!

After the Xfce talk we had pizzas for dinner and continued with free discussions, playing with KDE 4.6 and GNOME 3 on our touchscreen, simply having a lot of fun! Thanks Alena and the whole Prague SUSE office for sponsoring food and drinks!













All photos taken by Michal Kubecek, thanks!