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image_url function in Ruby on Rails

If you need to get the full URL of an image, just put the following code snippet into ApplicationHelper module in your app/helpers/application_helper.rb:

def image_url(source)
  abs_path = image_path(source)
  unless abs_path =~ /^http/
    abs_path = "#{request.protocol}#{request.host_with_port}#{abs_path}"

I wonder why this function is not already a standard part of Rails.

(Idea by Rob Biedenharn)

Avatars in openSUSE Build Service

Thanks to Tom we now have avatars in openSUSE Build Service, so e.g. Involved Users list looks like this:


If you have a shady man instead of your nice photo, go to and setup your own one. Don’t forget to add the email address you are using in the Build Service!

Geeko Bus

I travel to work by bus. While they are usually in Prague Public Transit’s traditional colors - red and white, today this one came to bus stop:


I was really happy that I could go to SUSE offices on Geeko Bus. It really made my day! :-)